Environmental Testing

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Testing Any Environmental Conditions

Primetime Testing Laboratory offers you a wide variety of environmental chamber sizes, ranging from tabletop to reach-ins and up to sizes that can handle body-in-white and full vehicles in our walk-in and drive-in chambers. Family owned and operated since 1999, Primetime Testing Laboratory is your one-stop, complete automotive testing facility.


Our Environmental Testing includes:

  • Corrosion with cyclical and salt fog
  • Cycle, strength and temperature
  • Dimensional stability (traditionally or during temperature profile)
  • Heat aging
  • Thermal cycling with humidity
  • Thermal shock
  • Variable heat surface


Dynamic Measurements Under Extreme Climatic Conditions

Dimensional stability and thermal expansion test chamber:

  • Non-contact measurement during temperatures (-40°C to +150°C) RH to 95%
  • Thermal expansion measurement
  • 5Hz – 1000Hz camera speeds
  • Mobile/modular system

Espec thermal shock systems:

  • Temperature range -70°C to +200°C
  • Adequate ramp time
  • Multiple chambers

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